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Wednesday 26th July 2023

Stogumber Cricket Club marks former club member with family day

Tuckfield Team 2022 Copy

Stogumber Cricket Club is to host an annual cricket match in memory of one of its former club members.

The George Tuckfield Memorial cup will take place on what was traditionally the club's Chairman's Day.

"We want to honour the memory of George, who was a fantastic member of our club. A year ago we were lucky to enable him to fulfil his dream to bat for Stogumber one more time, and bring together former and existing players and some of our up and coming youth team players for an exciting match," said Steve Hogevold, Chairman of SCC. "We hope to continue this tradition on an annual basis to remember George, who passed away just before Christmas 2022, and allow the local community to be involved in a fun family day. Our club is for everyone, and George was an integral part of the village and cricket club. We hope lots of people will want to come along and enjoy the day!"